Incontro Ministro Bo Xilai durante China Shoes Forum a Beijing – Cina

From July 1st to July 5th, the President of Federcalzature and CEDDEC European Confederation of the Shoe Retail Trade Associations Massimo Donda will be  in China, together with the President of the Federcalzature Young Group, Andrea Colzani.
The President will have the opportunity to visit the important fair Shoe China and to attend numerous and crucial political and economic meetings among which, first of all, one with his Excellency the Minister of Economy Bo Xilai.
The President will be holding a speech bearing the following title: “ EU Footwear Market Overview“ during the Congress: “ China Shoes Forum” July 3rd in Benijing.
This trip will be of crucial importance for Sino-EU relations.


Massimo Donda


Massimo Donda

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Madame Zang Shuhua


Speech di Luigino Rossi e Franco Ballin

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Il presidente di Kangnai Group e Massimo Donda

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